you have to kiss another boy when playing truth or dare - request.

Harry: It started off as an innocent party until Louis and Niall had gotten some drinks out, and soon you and the boys, along with Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie were sitting in a circle, playing a rather immature game of truth or dare. “Ooh, (Y/N),” Zayn grins as the bottle lands on you, “truth or dare?” You shrug, leaning against Harry as you sat together, his chin on your shoulder. “Dare, I guess,” you answer him. “I dare you to,” Zayn ponders for a moment, “… kiss Louis,” he grins. Louis claps at this while Harry has a conflicting reaction. “No way, pick something else,” he glares. “It’s just a kiss,” Eleanor shrugs, who doesn’t seem too concerned with the idea, in fact she looks rather encouraging and raises her eyebrows suggestively. “It won’t mean anything, Harry,” you pinch his cheek, crawling over to Louis. “I’ll make it quick, don’t worry, mate,” Louis winks at Harry who’s rolling his eyes. “Just do it already,” your boyfriend mutters. Louis kisses you slowly, the opposite to what he’d promised Harry, and soon one of his hands travels up to her cheek to rub your skin softly. “Hey, hey. Alright, that’s it,” Harry’s voice interrupts you both. “Get your hands off my girlfriend,” Harry glares, pulling you back towards his lap gently as you laugh at his jealousy. 

Niall: “Really? Truth or dare? … Are we 12?” You mumble, never being a fan of the game. “Oh, come on, love,” Niall smiles against your lips, “it’ll be fun.” You groan in response, simply wanting the game to be over. The bottle lands on you for the third time when Zayn buts in. “You’ve already used two truths, (Y/N)!” He accuses. “Time for a dare.” “Ugh, fine, someone dare me then,” you look around at the boys. “I dare you to… to… kiss Liam,” Zayn rubs his hands together. “What?!” You and Niall snap at the same time. “I’m not kissing him,” you shake your head. “Well quite frankly I’m offended,” Liam says sarcastically, hand on his chest. “It’s not you, I just don’t wanna kiss anyone else but Niall,” you shrug. They all chime in with an “aw,” Louis pretending to wipe a tear from his eye before he speaks up. “What about the cheek?” Louis asks. “I guess that’s okay,” you agree, “come here, then,” you instruct with a small smile. “Still offended,” Liam pouts; giving you the same puppy dog look he’s given you multiple times. “Ugh, fine then,” you give him a quick peck on the lips that lasts about 2 seconds, pulling away with a smirk. “You happy now?” You ruffle his hair, the small strands tickling you hair. “Yes,” he smiles, while at the same time you hear your boyfriend mumble a “no.”

Zayn: “Oh my god,” Louis stands up dramatically, “I just thought of the best of idea.” He’s drunk, you all note with a laugh, but you let him stumble about the tour bus in search of whatever was on his mind. Zayn’s about to lean into your neck when the older boy is back with an empty Pepsi bottle, waving it around in the air happily. “Truth or dare!” He screams. “Only the greatest game to be created. Let’s do it,” he rubs his hands together. A few minutes go past before the bottle lands on you. “Truth or dare, (Y/N)?” Harry asks you. Never being a fun of the boring truth option, you pick the other. “Dare,” you nod. “Kiss me,” he says immediately – as if he’d been waiting all night to finally ask you – with that familiar smirk slowly forming on his face. “Oi,” Zayn interjects, “she’s not doing that.” Harry scoffs at this. “Oh, come on, you know she wants to kiss me,” he winks at you, and you try to hide the blush on your cheeks before Zayn can see it. “Look, she’s blushing. Come here, love, I’ll take care of you,” he gently grabs your hand. You laugh, it’s just a kiss and it was a funny way to wind Zayn up, so you lean in closer to Harry, his lips gentle on your own, almost in a friendly manner. He’s soft and sweet about the whole thing, no tongue or tugging, and he pulls away with a satisfied look on his face. “You got a good kisser over there, mate,” Harry laughs, gesturing towards you. “Shut it,” Zayn points at him angrily, swinging his arm around you while you laugh.

Louis: “Hey baby,” you feel Louis wrap his hands around you, “the boys are getting a bit tipsy up in Zayn’s room. Wanna join? We’re playing truth or dare,” he grins. “Really? You’re all legal adults and you’re playing that game?” You turn around, raising an eyebrow. “Hey now,” he pokes you, “it’ll be a good time. Come on,” he encourages, and you agree, not having anything else to do in Louis’ hotel room anyway. Soon the game is in full swing, Zayn is shirtless and Harry drew something on the boy’s skin that resembles boobs with a Sharpie, and then the bottle lands on you. “Ooh,” Louis whispers into your ear. “Truth or dare, baby?” He asks you. “Uh, dare,” you reply. Louis is about to ask you something, grin forming on his face, before Niall cuts him off. “Kiss one of us!” Is his drunk reply. “Yeah, kiss me,” Zayn smirks at you from the other side of the room. “You want me to kiss the boy with Sharpie boobs on his chest?” You smirk back at him. “Yes, yes I do,” he doesn’t back down. “No,” Louis groans, pulling you into him. “This is my girl; I’m the only one that gets to kiss her.” Zayn nods. “I get it, mate, I’m better than you. Don’t wanna make you look like the smaller man in front of your girl, that’s fine,” he eggs you both on. “Kiss the boy with the tits, babe,” Louis rolls his eyes at you. You laugh loudly at the whole situation, crawling over to the dark haired boy and giving him a short kiss that Louis makes a gagging noise at.

Liam: “Why do you wanna kiss (Y/N)?” Liam narrows his eyes at the blonde boy who grins back at you both smugly – probably because of how much you were blushing. “It’s truth or dare, lad,” Niall explains, “these things happen. Plus it’s (Y/N), why wouldn’t I wanna kiss her?” He stares back at you and you can’t help but let a giggle fall from your lips that Niall definitely picks up on. “It’ll only last, like, ten seconds, I swear,” Niall promises. “Ten?” Liam gasps. “It won’t last that long, babe,” you assure your boyfriend, rubbing his arm lovingly. “Just a few seconds is all. Plus he’s Irish… I’m kinda obligated to kiss him,” you laugh. “Fine, fine,” Liam agrees, and Niall lets out an obnoxious cheer you’re sure will annoy him. “Get over here, babe,” Niall says, slight grin forming when your lips get closer. It really is a quick kiss – just your lips moving against each other’s, nothing special that makes your knees weak, and you pull away from the blonde boy with a deep breath. “Satisfied?” You tilt your head. “Very much so,” he pretends to lean in for a kiss again, making you laugh, and making Liam shove him to the floor.   

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