you have a fight and leave but he goes looking for you (part one) - request.

Harry: You don’t know why you’re at the book store, really, but it was the first place you thought about going after hearing Harry’s harsh words. It was a big fight, not like your usual petty arguments that ended in you both laughing at each other for being upset over something silly, one that had you in tears. Usually Harry would stop at that: when he’d see the tears welling and he’d drop everything and hold you close, whispering how much he loved you into your ear. But this time he simply shook his head and told you to leave, told you he needed to be alone and didn’t want anyone - especially you - around him. So you did that, you left, you drove and you drove until you reached the book store you used to work at, entering the store with a glum look. You walk past the shelves slowly, ignoring the buzzing in your hand from your phone, your fingers lingering on the books as you pass them. When you get to the end you stop with a sigh and grab your phone, seeing you have a bunch for text messages, all from Harry, and you read them from latest to earliest. ‘Call me.’ ‘Look, I know things ended badly but I need you to speak to me. Please. Call me. Answer your phone. Do something.’ ‘I’m sorry…. I’m so sorry.’ ‘Please tell me where you are. Let me pick you up. Let me make it better. Darling, tell me what to do to make it better.’ And the one he sent a moment ago, ‘Babe, please, please, please. I love you. I’m so sorry.’ You don’t bother; instead you sit down and grab a book to read as a distraction. You’re a few pages in and actually stating to forget about the fight until you hear shuffling in front of you. “(Y/N)?” You hear Harry call. “(Y/N), there you are, thank god. I thought you’d left me,” Harry gasps, trying to catch his breath back.

Niall: “You know that? Just get the hell out, (Y/N),” Niall mutters, X-Box controller in hand. “Excuse me?” You say darkly. “Did I stutter?” Niall replies in a tone just as dark, and you realise you’re not needed there. You roll your eyes and slide your shoes on, storming outside despite the cold weather and your lack of jacket. You didn’t know where you’re going, you’re just stomping about the neighbourhood, Niall’s words replaying over and over again in your head until you reach a small pond, tiny bench a few feet away from it. It’s all so cliché and overdone, crying girl in a park, but you need a rest anyway. You sit down and watch the ducks swim about until you hear your phone go off. It’s Niall. He’s ringing you but you ignore it, as you did the next few times, not in the mood to hear the Irish accent. It’s been an hour and you decide to maybe give him chance, your mind still not at ease as you press the phone to your ear to hear his voice mails. “Love? Where are you? Come back home, please, I’m so sorry, angel,” then the next one, “(Y/N), baby girl, please call me. I’m so sorry, I’m a dick, I know, let me see your pretty face, let me apologise properly,” and the next one, “Are you alone? I don’t want you to be alone, pleeeeease pick up,” and the next one, “babe, that’s it. I’m looking for you. Don’t be surprised if you turn around and see me,” he ends, and that’s exactly what happens, you spin around on the bench to see a worried Niall approaching.

Zayn: It started off innocent, really, and was supposed to be just a fun night out until an all too familiar fan had sauntered over to the restaurant table you and Zayn were eating at. “Hi there,” the pretty brunette purrs, hand on Zayn’s shoulder. “Hey Jessie,” he greets, “how have you been? Haven’t seen you in a while. You coming to the concert?” He bites a bread stick. You don’t mind Zayn talking to fans, in fact, you encourage him to have chats with them, but Jessie was known to be a little more than forward and flirty, especially when you were around. “Of course, when would I ever miss a chance to see this face?” She smirks, gripping his chin softly, and you raise your eyebrows uncomfortably. “Should we order now?” You pipe up, and you notice Jessie send you glare from the corner of your eye. “Yeah. Hey, why don’t you join us?” Zayn suggests to the girl, “Just a pull a chair over, no one will mind.” And of course she does, she sits right beside Zayn, both of them giggling and whispering behind the menu while you sit there annoyed. Soon your meals arrive, Jessie leaning in closer to Zayn so that she’s practically on his lap, and it’s then that you speak up. “Um, Jessie, do you mind giving Zayn and I a bit of privacy for a moment? I just need to speak to him about something,” you say as politely as you could manage. “I guess,” she sighs, walking away, and you don’t fail to notice the way Zayn’s eyes linger on her body. “Hey,” you snap your fingers in front of him, “do you mind?” “What?” He asks. “You’re on a date with your girlfriend and you’ve been flirting with someone who you know wants you in the pants right in front of me,” you glare at him. “I wasn’t flirting, (Y/N), calm down. Is that what you wanted to talk about?” “Uh, yeah. Could you ask her to leave please? I wanted to spend tonight with you… not be the third wheel,” you snap. “You know what? You always do this around her. She’s a nice girl, she’s a fan. The least I could do is be nice to her,” Zayn stands up. “I’m gonna go get her back.” You groan at his comment, standing up as well. “You’re such a dick, goodbye,” you push your way past him and begin to walk down the street, not sure where you’re going exactly. You ignore the vibrations from your phone until your feet start to get tired and you lean against a light post, pressing the phone to your ear to hear Zayn’s voice. “Baby, where did you go? You can’t be walking around this late at night! Call me please,” he pleads, “Babe, I really am sorry. Jessie’s left if it makes anything better. Stay safe and call me so I can come get you,” and the last one that made you feel a little bad at his cracking voice, “(Y/N), I’m really worried now. I can’t find you, I… I’ve been driving around for nearly half an hour now. Please, please tell me where you’ve gone,” he ends with a sigh. You bite your lip, pondering whether to ring him up or not, when suddenly there’s someone calling out your name that makes you jump. “(Y/N?) Is that you?”

Louis: “(Y/N), what’s all this?” Louis eyes a bunch of books on the coffee table. “Oh, just some school stuff. I had an exam earlier and was doing some last minute cramming before I left,” you shrug. “Okay, but are you gonna clean it?” He asks. “Yeah, but not right now,” you yawn on the couch, “I’ve had a long day and just wanna rest now.” “No, you made a mess and now you have to clean it, come on,” Louis points to the table. “Louis, seriously, give me a break, I’ve been gone all day,” you close your eyes and consider having a nap until you hear a loud groan from Louis. “You’re so lazy sometimes,” he mutters. “You need to start being more responsible, (Y/N). I can’t keep looking after you. Act your age for once,” he stomps away, and you look at him, wide eyed. You’re too annoyed to deal with him so you decide to get some fresh air on a walk, but the stroll ends up being much longer than expected and soon you’re in a coffee shop in town. You order your usual and sit down with a sigh, wondering where Louis’ sudden outburst had come from considering he was usually care free and spontaneous. You people watch for a few moments and contemplate going home when you see a bunch of text messages, all from Louis who sounds concerned, but you put your phone in your pocket and carry on drinking. You’re on your way to get a refill from the counter when there’s someone screaming your name from the entrance. “(Y/N?) Oh, thank god. I didn’t know where else to look after this,” Louis pants, but instead of listening to him, you simply push past him and out the door.   

Liam: “God, (Y/N), you can be so annoying sometimes,” Liam mutters quietly, but not so quiet that you couldn’t hear it. “What was that?” You look up from your laptop, in the middle of watching a movie. “I come home from a long day and all I can hear is you laughing and screeching in front of a computer.” “It… It’s a funny movie,” you shrug from the couch. “Yeah, I really don’t care, (Y/N),” he gets up, “I wish I had stayed at the studio instead of coming back home. What a waste,” he grumbles as he makes his way to the kitchen. Liam had been annoying all afternoon. You had tried to calm him and down and relax him but this was the last straw, and you set the laptop down before simply leaving the apartment, angry and irritated. You drive to your best friend’s house in a huff, knocking on her door and hoping you weren’t disturbing her. “(Y/N)?” She opens the door. “Hey, what’s wrong, honey?” She asks when she sees the look on our face. “Liam’s being an ass,” you mutter, “can I come in?” She nods immediately, pulling you inside and getting you something to drink when your phone buzzes. “Ugh, it’s Liam,” you tell her. “Ignore him!” She yells from the kitchen. “I… I guess,” you toss your phone aside when she comes back with coffee. “So what happened?” She sits down, and you explain the whole story. “What a dick,” she grumbles, only to be cut off by your phone ringing again. “Ignore it, seriously,” she puts a hand on top of yours. You agree and you chat for a while before she excuses herself for the bathroom, and you can’t help but get a little curious and look at your texts. ‘Ok I know what I said was wrong but could you please come home? I’m sorry babe,’ the first one reads, ‘Honey, I really am sorry. Tell me where you are please! I’m worried about you xx’ says the second, and the most recent one: ‘Babe, I’m gonna come looking for you. I have a feeling I know where you are so please don’t get upset when you see me. Love Liam xxx,’ you finish reading, setting your phone done with a sigh. Your best friend comes back, asking if you want to order pizza, but soon there’s a wild knocking on the door. “(Y/N)? Love? I know you’re in there, please let me in!”

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